Unicorn is the enterprise system for omnichannel advertising and control of end-to-end management of campaigns, from planning, buying and analysis to invoicing and payments.  With capability to process millions in annual media spend, Unicorn connects brands, media agencies, media partners, technology, and data partners, controls marketing investments and optimizes media agency business outcomes.

Being a multi-tenant, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-agency platform, Unicorn excels in bringing complex operations, either those spanning multiple agencies in the same country or those spanning a number of countries, under one roof. It handles with ease both local and regional clients, local and regional media suppliers, inter-agency and cross-border invoicing in different currencies.

Automates whole business process of a media agency within omni-channel advertising

Quick and easy control of any segment of the process, minimising manual errors,  improving efficiency and especially beneficial in remote working situations – significant time savings compared to any manual or semi-automated process

  • Business Planning
  • Media Planning – traditional and digital media
  • Reporting
  • Billing / Invoicing

By click of a button, available tailor made reports covering any area of media agency business and client management

Better data and analytics capabilities, reporting and management, leaves more time to focus on strategic thinking across the team, facilitates easier decision-making.


  • With all data being stored in one database, reporting on and presentation of key performance/financial indicators is readily available at a click of a button

Integrates various external systems (accounting, ERPs, audience measurement platforms, single sign-on systems, financial consolidation tools, visualization tools, etc.) to seamlessly plug into existing business environment.

Improves collaboration and control over any segment of a process (account management, finance, media buying….), improves efficiency, saves time and minimises errors.


  • Accounting Platforms
  • ERPs
  • Audience Measurement Platforms
  • Single Sign-On Systems
  • Financial Consolidation Tools
  • Visualisation Tools

Unified user experience across all processes and features.

Minimises time spent on user training, replaces complexity of various platforms within one.

 Replaces maze of:

  • Excel files
  • Folders
  • Databases
  • Scripts
  • Manual processes


User-friendly interface for easy management of all segments of Unicorn.

Simple and intuitive to use, saves effort and time


  • Carefully crafted UI presents important information and only necessary tools at any given moment
  • Without menus and cryptic icons, Unicorn presents data and CTAs in simplest, easily readable format using plain text, colour and shapes to intuitively convey information and lead users towards the next action

Clients can access their own accounts / campaigns / actuals via modern dashboard.

Improved transparency and efficiency across client management.


  • Permissions, Roles and Groups can be applied to clients’ users, allowing them to see only certain portions of their data (ie financial data or campaigns) and perform only certain actions (approve/reject campaigns and media plans, update company information, etc)

Timesheets & Simple Project Management.

Consolidate worklogs for the whole agency in one place.


  • Log Work buttons are available throughout the platform to facilitate timely and precise time management for all users. Logging work becomes part of a daily routine, rather than a burden
  • Worklogs can be exported for use in accounting software to calculate true cost of each campaign, client or activity type, and track efficiency of employees vs. cost, based on employees salaries
  • Simple Project Management feature allows for all agency activities to be consolidated in Unicorn and all worklogs to be in one place regardless of the role of the employee
  • Separate cost effective Timesheet-only licence is available for users that are not directly involved in media business (ie creatives, IT, etc)