Digital Transformation 2.0

Crafting enterprise software platforms and services for modern age.

What We Do

Enterprise Software Development

Based on our customer needs, thoughtful market research, client’s feedback and huge investment in product strategy we continuously develop our own advanced enterprise software platforms.

Custom managed services

We help you ease the pain of complex software implementations, but we don’t stop there. In order for you to fully utilise potential of your new investment, we will provide support, guidance, and data driven strategic overview of your business throughout lifespan of our software platforms. We will insure that your digital  transformation never stops.

Digital Transformation 2.0

We will use our scientific approach to carefully analyse your product, services and internal processes to turn your organization into a well-oiled machine. Lokomotiva will help you to become competitive and stay ahead of your competition.

Our deep understanding of technology help us to translate its value into benefits for your business.

What We Did

With Unicorn, media buying / media planning enterprise platform, we’ve transformed one of the most complex media business in Europe, making it more streamlined and efficient.

In close cooperation with the client, we implemented a number of process optimisations in all areas of the business. With a sharp focus on user experience (UX), we increased day-to-day efficiency of every type of user. Robust analytics component gave the client data insights never thought possible before.

About Us

Agile, fun, dynamic, cutting edge (but backed by a corporation)

Lokomotiva is part of I&F Grupa, leading communication system operating in 12 countries in Southern Europe and Nordic region, with more than 650 employees.

With the focus on quality of products & services and timely delivery, Lokomotiva strives to become a strategic, long-term partner to its customers, enabling them to make a difference. In order to achieve success for our clients, we‘ve built a team of high-performing, highly engaged professionals who work in an agile environment that nurtures culture of purpose and personal achievement.


We are looking for bold professionals capable of conceptualising, building and delivering anything from complex enterprise software to value-creating professional services.